Mountain Climbing

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I did a lot of mountain climbing in the Cascades of Washington state in 1988. Here I am on my way to a summit.
I summitted Mt. Rainier (14, 410 ft.) in June 1988 with a team. Here we are on the first day. Note in the background the rest of the team traveling roped together in groups of three.
Looking up toeard the summit on a steep part of the mountain.
A view across the mountain. Note the other climbers. Mt. Adams in in the background.
Our camp at 11,000 feet
Approaching the summit on the second day.
Rainier is a volcano. Here I am at the rim. To reach the summit I still need to cross the crater and climb up a bit. I am totally exhausted by this time.
Finally at the summit.
A view of the crater from the summit. Note the other climbers.