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This was taken at our family reunion in July 2004 in Copper Harbor, MI. I need to add more pix of this event, which was highlighted by singing the French National Anthem and a cruise on the Isle Royale Queen III.

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I traveled to New York City a lot when I lived in Hudson, NY from 1998-2003. One day at an art gallery I ran into Woody Allen. We debated the merits of a piece of art. Actually I was ruminating about the existential meaning of an abstract while I think Woody was just wondering where the bathroom was.
This is a nice shot of me, my nephew Kevin and my dad aboard the Isle Royale Queen III in Copper Harbor, MI. The Queen is owned by our relatives the Kilpela family.
Here is a shot of the Queen which I stole off their web site www.isleroyale.com.
My brother Steve, his wife Judy, and their son Karl. I love this photo even though it's a bit strange. It looks like something out of a David Lynch film. It was taken spontaneously, obviously.
This is my sister, Katrina, her husband, Ira, and their three kids, Celia, Joseph, and Kevin. The photo was taken in 2002 at Breckenridge, Colorado.
This is a good photo of my dad, Stefan, and my nephew, Kevin, taken in San Ramon, California in May, 2001. I particularly like the lighting in this shot. Kev looks a little nervous, though.
This is my brother, Steve, his wife Judy, and their four kids, David, Eva, Kurt, and Karl. The photo was taken outside their home in Chassell, Michigan in 1995.
Here are a few shots of my mom, who passed away in 1994. This one was taken at my brother's home when Karl was a baby. I think it must have been 1993.
Here's one a few year's earlier, maybe 1990. this my mom and her mother Lillian, who passed away a few years ago. The photo was taken in Lillian's house in my Uncle Harry and Aunt Eunice's house near Detroit, MI.
This is my friend Nicola from Hudson, NY. The photo was taken at a friend's wedding in Hudson in 2001. The title of the photo is nicolelookinglovely. Need I say more?
Nicola with Rodney and Rachel, some friends from Hudson, NY on New Year's Eve 2003. I must have been annoying them at the time.
This is my Uncle Frank and Aunt Ruth. This was taken at our house in Lansing, Michigan. Not sure of the date but it must be around 1990.
This is another of my favorite Halloween costumes (and very creative I have to admit). this was the year the Branch Davidians were destroyed in their Waco, Texas compound. I believe it was 1993. I went as David Koresh, incinerated.
This is my dear friend Ena and her husband Rodger, taken in Seattle, Washington in August 2001 at their house.
This is another good friend of mine, Paula Hart, also known as Zelda, and her fiance Jim, taken on top of the Empire State Building in New York City on a cold December evening in 2002. Jim is a drummer in the Beatle band the British Export. Being a mediocre drummer myself, I have instant respect for this guy.
This was taken on Thanksgiving 1994 in New York City. My cousin Jocelyn Grahek and my friend Benedict Lochen.
This is going WAY back. It was taken around 1964 in Costa Rica. A good shot of my mother and her parents. Damn, I was a cute kid!
A more recent shot of me and my friend Bill Lindberg, taken in Seattle at Ray's Boathouse in April 2001. Bill retired from Boeing recently after many years of service. Our scintillating conversations helped me maintain my sanity during my six years there.
My cousin Mike was working in Germany in 1992 while I was in Denmark. At some point I managed to take a few days off and visit. This was taken in Wurzburg, I believe.
One thing I know for sure living with Paula Hart for four years: we knew how to have a good time, especially at Halloween. Here's one, somewhere around 1990, with me as a slut and Paula as... a green bean?? I'll never forget the graveyard punch, Paula.
I love this photo for some reason. I think it's the genuine laughter and happiness on the faces. This was taken at my cousin Lisa's wedding to Cormac Ronan. Sorry Lisa I don't remember the date. In fact, I wasn't even at the wedding.
Another photo from the past. Prior to becoming an accomplished artiste and mother, my sister was a high class model. Now, this isn't Victoria's Secret, but you gotta love the stories!
As a kid, I went up to Copper Harbor, Michigan almost every vacation with my family. My Aunt Betty had a gift shop near the dock. I never bought anything there, I just liked to bother her.
Two friends of mine from Seattle, Debbie Black and Steve Bauer. I believe this was taken at the Leopard Elvis party in 2001. Nice hat, Steve.
This is a hilarious shot of our family taken many years ago. I can't believe how dorky I look. Watch out for the floods!
This was taken in New York during my first visit there to meet my sister's new boyfriend Ira. It was a weekend I'll never forget. Here, Ira is attempting to charm this very attractive Swiss flight attendant we met. She agreed to meet us later but never showed up. I wonder why? Ira, do you remember her name?
Here's a good shot of my mother Marge as a young woman. Not sure how young, though. The setting is their house on Sylvan Lake.
Here's my dad Steve as a young man. Good looks run in our family I guess.
Here's a good shot of me with my niece and nephews, taken in Lansing around 1990.
I did a lot of deer hunting as a kid. After four years I finally shot my first deer, an eight point buck, with a bow and arrow when I was 16. There's something primeval about hunting, like you can relate to what the neanderthals had to go through. I guess only other hunters can understand it.
I helped my brother work on his house once and managed not to kill myself, or him.
Our first Ano Kilpela family reunion, held in July 1991 in Copper Harbor, Michigan
My dad runs the Harbour Shoppe, a gift and antique store in Copper Harbour. On slow days he tends this garden.
I played drums in a band called the Ramblers for a few years with my friends Deirdre and Paula and the enigmatic attorney/lead guitarist, Carl Kocis. Here we're gigging at Bogarts, a Seattle hot spot.
My nephew Kevin Bloom. He was two when this photo was taken at my sister's house in Colorado. He's a cute kid, just like his uncle!
This is back in the old hunting days. My dad and I did a lot of deer hunting with bow and arrow in Maple River State Game Area. Here is the old man after slaying a nice buck sometime around 1984.
Here I am during MBA school. This is one good photo of me with a classmate, Anne Pavlick taken around 1991.
Here we are at Halloween, a relatively tame one with MBA buddies in 1991. I went as some kind of dracula figure.
Here's a shot of marital bliss taken around 1984 in Texas. This was my happy period with Machelle. Don't you love the mustache and glasses?
Here I am with NIcola in New Orleans in 1999 celebrating Halloween yet again. Nicola spent a lot of time preparing our costumes which were very cool. She went as Cleopatra and I went as Julius Caesar, assassinated. Halloween in New Orleans has got to be the funniest, craziest party I have ever been to. You got to do it once in your life.
Here's a funny shot with Paula at the Puyallup fair in WA around 1990. We both felt the other fit the description.
My mother, Margaret, died in 1994. Although she was cremated, we had her ashes buried in the Copper Harbor cemetary in Michigan.