Copenhagen, Denmark


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I spent the latter part of 1992 in Copenhagen, Denmark as an exchange student. Here's a shot of the city.
This was taken at Christmas time, which can get quite cold in Denmark. Nevertheless people still bicycled eveywhere, all bundled up in their overcoats and scarves. Bicycle are ubiquitous largely because there is a 100% tax on automobiles in Copnhagen, so most people take the trains or busses, which are excellent, or pedal.
This a nice shot of the Danish flag, which they afre very proud of. The flag is prominent all over--in homes, on bicycles, etc. they are a very patriotic bunch, the Danes. In the background is the main square or Radhuspladsen.
I roomed in Copenhagen with John, an American from the University of Washington Business school. We had another friend from UW, Mike Ward who was an exchange student also. We celebrated Thanksgiving in 1992 by the three Americans cooking a nice dinner for Shelyna Mariscal, from the UK (photographer), Benedicte Lochen from France and An Irish girl who's name I can't remember.
After the dinner things got a bit wild. We all went out to a few bars after where A couple of the girls got very drunk. I had a good time in Copenhagen.
An area of Copenhagen known as Nyhavn, or "new harbor".
Karin and Mette, two local Danish friends.
Some other exchange students. I loved the cultural diversity at the Copenhagen Business School. Here, an American (me) took the photo, with the students from Finland, Austria, France and Greece.
My friend Shelyna, who is now a solicitor in the UK. I think she's drunk.
Shelyna with our friend Benedicte.