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In the summer of 1992 I went to Quito, Ecuador for six weeks to study intensive Spanish. I lived with a local family, an army doctor by the name of Jaime Nunez, his wife Susanna and their daughter, Macarena. Here's a view from the balcony outside my bedroom.
Another view of Quito.
We took a trip to the town of Otavalo, famous for its huge mercado.
Having dinner in Otavalo.The other people are American, Dutch, Swiss, and Danish.
We then tried a local delicacy called cui which is roasted hamster. It tasted about as good as it looks.
Susanna cooking the evening meal.
I took a trip to Atacamas, on the coast. This boy was selling fresh coconuts that he would cut up for you.
Preparing a dish of ceviche, a seafood concoction.
The decendents of the original inhabitants, the quiche, are known as indegenas, the indigenous ones.
A band of local musicians performing.
We hiked up the mountains high above Quito, to Mt. Pinchincha. Shown are two other guests and our host, Jiame Nunez.