Equatorial Guinea

July, 2006 - July 2007

I worked in EG for a year with Marathon Oil. Here are some shots of that time.

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Most people have no idea where Equatorial Guinea is located. I didn't either. So here is a little geography lesson. EG is wedged in between Cameroon and Gabon in westen Africa.
The country is comprised of the mainland, called Rio Muni, and Bioko Island, which is where I worked. The capital of EG is Malabo.
Here is a pic of Malabo.
Mt. Pico, a volcano, rises above Malabo and the Marathon plant.
The place I worked was called Punta Europa, which encompassed a number of petrochemical processing facilities. Here is a shot from a satellite at about 400 miles above the earth. The little reddish dots on the right were our living quarters.
We lived near the plant. Here is a shot of the housing neighborhood where the permanent residents lived.
We worked 28 straight days, 12-14 hours a day. Then we could go home for 28 days. It was hell working but sure nice to have a month off. We were called "rotators" and had special, basic housing. Here are the facilities.
This is the inside of my place, the common area.
A pic of the kitchen. Pretty basic.
Here is a shot of the plant.
Here is a shot of what was called the gas plant.
Barry and Georgina, two colleagues
Another shot of the plant and Barry and Georgina, walking to lunch.
Here is a shot of the store on the plant where you could buy basic stuff. Not much, but plenty of booze!