Doha, Qatar


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I had business in Doha, Qatar in November, 2002. Just outside the city we wanted to ride some camels. Here's a typical scene.
After some difficulty (we hired a giude to take us to a camel ranch, but he got lost) we finally found a place that let us ride camels for a bit. It was a bit scary at first. And I realized one other thing: camels STINK!
We then checked out the camel racetrack. Unfortunately there were no races that day, but the jockeys were training. These kids were no more than nine or ten years old. They scowled at me and shouted obscenities when they saw me taking their picture. Our giude explained that there has been a crackdown on underage jockeys and these kids needed the money!
We went to a mall in the city. I loved the juxtaposition of the traditional arab dress and the ubiquitous 21st century coffee emporium.