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Prior to that, in the spring of 1993, I worked in Bucharest, Romania as a consultant for the US AID. Here are some shots. Hundreds of these unfinished housing blocks are scattered around downtown. Construction stopped the day former dictator Ceausescu was toppled from power in 1989.
These huge cranes loom over unfinished housing blocks.
Gypsies are common in Romania but they have a bad reputation as petty thieves and beggars. The women often dress in bright clothes such as this. After I took this photo the woman asked me for money.
A shot of me and my friend Sorina by the Danube rivier in southern Romania. Bulgaria is in the background.
A bunch of us took a trip to the town of Brasov, in Transylvania.
The town of Brasov, Romania.
Ceausescu evicted hundres of families and imported tons of dirt, to create this monstrous palace for himself. It was called Casa Poporului, The House of the People.
This is my friend Carmencita Marin, a multi-talented girl who was funny and had great business sense. She saved my life by letting me stay with her while unemployed and dealing with a wierd back problem. I had some wonderful times visiting their house and playing bridge with her family. Thanks Carmen, I will never forget it.
Celebrating my 33rd birthday in Romania in 1993 with some friends.