Back in the saddle

I am finally getting into the groove again. I rode over 100 km today. I know that isn´t much for a cyclist (it is just over 50 miles). But for a while there I thought I would never get the muscles working. Many people routinely go over 100 miles, and even 200 in a day. I have done well over 100 miles several times, but that was in northern Scotland, where you had sunlight from 4:00 am to 11:00 pm. Here I am lucky if I get 8 hours of riding time due to the short days.

I have been alternating free camping (where I can find a spot to pitch my tent) and hotels. It is a bit cold to be camping every night. When I get up it is still dark and between 3-6 deg C which is just above freezing. And by the way, Uruguay is dirt cheap. My hotel tonight, for example, is $10. It´s not the Ritz but it is OK.

Here´s a few pix: This was taken on the first couple days when I got lost on a back road and pedaled all day in circles.

Here is a typical nice street in the town of Colonia. They seem to spend a lot of time manicuring their trees.

There are a lot of cows in Uruguay (and a lot of cowboys too I assume). wonder if they have seen Brokeback Mountain.

Finally, this last one was taken today after my 102 km ride. I am in the town of Mercedes and after a shower I went exploring the town. I stopped in a pizza place and asked for a beer. I did not specify the size so obviously they assumed I wanted the LARGE one.