Rest Stop in Denver, Part 1

I’ve been remiss in posting a new entry lately, so I wanted to give a quick update. At the end of last post I was in Pueblo, Colorado heading north to Denver. I stayed in another warm showers house with Ellen, a very nice host who cooked spaghetti for dinner and provided a nice quiet private room. She was recovering from a serious broken ankle she suffered while cycling a few months ago.

person on computer

The way north wasn’t too bad at first. The weather was nice but windy and the road uphill. Leaving Colorado Springs, though I had a real tough day. It was brutally windy with gusts up to 50 mph and freezing headwinds. I had every stitch of clothing on me…5 layers on top, plus leggings and walking pants, two pairs of socks, a hat and hood, gloves, and a face mask:

Kevin Koski bundled up against the cold wind

The wind was so bad it took me six hours to go 20 miles. As I stopped to fix a flat tire, a guy in a pickup truck offered me a ride several miles to the next town. I gratefully accepted.

It snowed that night in Castle Rock and the next day was cold again but not quite as windy. Eventually I made my way to the town of Morrison, where my sister picked me up and we drove the last 8 miles (but 1800 ft elev gain) to Golden.

I have been resting, planning, shopping and overhauling my bike for the past 10 days. The weather is cold here so I won’t be heading out any time soon. Besides, the views are great and you can see herds of elk feeding around the  neighborhood.

It snowed a couple days which made for some beautiful images on the mountainside. But not great for cycling.

snow in golden, Colorado

snow in Golden, Colorado

So as long as the weather stays cold I will not be going anywhere. The plan was to leave around the first week of May, headed into Wyoming and Idaho. But we’ll see. I don’t relish cycling in the cold windy mountains again so I may have to wait a little longer for the weather to warm up.

Meanwhile I am planning my route in Japan and studying Japanese. Stay tuned!

Kevin Koski bike trip route to Seattle