Reunion in Copper Harbor

I left Ontonagon and rode through a misty drizzly day to arrive in Baraga thoroughly wet and cold. But fortunately I was able to get a hotel room and dry out. On the way I stopped  at a bar where I saw this amusing sign.

The next few days I spent at my brother Steve’s house where we baled hay and sent his drone up to try to film me riding. It’s a bit tricky to control those things though, so we crashed it a couple times before getting some cool video.

He and his wife Judy need to store a few hundred bales of hay to feed their cows during the winter. Here is Judy turning the hay over to dry before baling it.

Then they run this baling machine which gathers the dried grass, compresses it into a bales, wraps it in twine and spits it out the back where Steve stacks it on a trailer to be brought to their barn for storage.

Here is a sped up video of them making the bales.

From there I made my way further north.

A nice rail trail approaching Houghton, MI.

I stopped at a bar in the town of Gay, MI—a Gay bar, what else?

After a great night camping by Lake Superior I finally arrived in Copper Harbor, where it promptly started to fog up and rain.

Fog over Copper Harbor.

Our family reunion went well, filled with catching up on the latest news, hiking, biking, boat rides, golf, bbq, making T shirts, playing cards, bonfires, laughing and telling stories, and just enjoying the great slow pace of Copper Harbor. I actually did not take very many photos this time. I was too busy socializing. But here is one photo of kids making slime.

Cool motorcycle.

Taking a bike ride near the lake.

Bell buoy at entrance to the harbor.

My brother took the drone up again to view the Isle Royale Queen IV in the harbor and show the town.

I will add more photos as people send them to me.

Well that about wraps it up for Michigan. I will head southwest for the next month or so headed for Denver where I will stay at my sister’s for a week then the plan is to spend a couple months around Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. Here is my ¬†actual route and plan for the next month.