From Colorado to Wyoming

I finally left Denver in good weather and cycled pretty much due north. Quite a bit of traffic most of the way. I was stuck on highway 287 which was busy with constant cars and trucks. Fortunately there was a nice shoulder, so I just put in my podcast and listened to Revolutions, by Mike Duncan.

My first night out I found a campsite in a field near Longmont just as a storm was brewing nearby. I waited about half an hour then decided I was going to get hit by it so I set up my tent and rain fly and stuffed everything inside.

Not only did it rain but hail too?


Continuing north I had a real tough day as I entered Wyoming. Uphill all day, about 30 miles, which took about 10 hours. I figured about 3000 ft elevation gain. here I am at the state line and my campsite at about 8000 feet. A little chilly and windy but quiet and peaceful. Only me and some antelopes.

I rested half a day in Laramie before heading out northwest again. As I was riding on a highway I saw an antelope by the side of the road and thought it was dead. But when I got closer it moved. I thought at first it was stuck in the barbed wire fence so I stopped and went over for a closer look. I think it must have been hit by a car because it’s legs were broken and there was blood on it.

It tried to get up but could not walk. It was a terrible thing to see. I wanted to put it out of its misery but how? I could not think of anything to do so I just left it there. Poor thing. Coyotes will end its suffering soon.

Moving on, Wyoming is great because it is so sparsely populated. I stopped in one small town then rode a couple miles and camped out in this field. Not a soul around.

I got on some back roads which offered nice views, but slow going.

Typical roads in southern Wyoming. I haven’t seen a tree since I’ve been here.

I got one one back road and saw this sign. George Wyman was apparently the first person to cycle across the USA in 1903. Who knew?

Well I think that’s enough for this post. The plan is to continue west and then northwest into Idaho and then Oregon on my way to Seattle. Here is my current location: