It works!

Thanks to Debbie, Captain Don and Bernard. I got your comments and they are posted under the original entry. I think I got this blog stuff figured out.

I am currently in Montevideo, Uruguay. It is cold. After three years in the Caribbean, a year in equatorial Africa and living in Miami three years, anything below 70 degrees is chilly. Other than that, so far so good, except that I forgot the PIN number for my ATM card. After two wrong guesses I panicked: three strikes and your card is eaten by the machine. After sweating a bit and recalling that I should have taken more ginko biloba, I finally remembered it so all is well. I just need to buy some long underwear.

First impressions of Montevideo: good meat, grafitti, stray dogs and lots of huge statues with dudes on horses. Here is Jose Artigas, the liberator of Uruguay:

And the founder of Montevideo, Mauricio Zabala:

The meat is grilled on a parilla over coals from special wood. Here is where I had lunch today.