It works!

Thanks to Debbie, Captain Don and Bernard. I got your comments and they are posted under the original entry. I think I got this blog stuff figured out.

I am currently in Montevideo, Uruguay. It is cold. After three years in the Caribbean, a year in equatorial Africa and living in Miami three years, anything below 70 degrees is chilly. Other than that, so far so good, except that I forgot the PIN number for my ATM card. After two wrong guesses I panicked: three strikes and your card is eaten by the machine. After sweating a bit and recalling that I should have taken more ginko biloba, I finally remembered it so all is well. I just need to buy some long underwear.

First impressions of Montevideo: good meat, grafitti, stray dogs and lots of huge statues with dudes on horses. Here is Jose Artigas, the liberator of Uruguay:

And the founder of Montevideo, Mauricio Zabala:

The meat is grilled on a parilla over coals from special wood. Here is where I had lunch today.

3 thoughts on “It works!

  1. Nicole August 21, 2007 / 12:26 am

    Hi Kev,
    With your memory lapse’s, I don’t think Ginko Biloba will do you any good. Anyway, I’m glad you made it to Uraguay. Just 5 months and 29 days to go til Phase 1 is complete. As worried as I am about you, and despite your repugnant and pathetic tendencies, I have faith that you will triumphantly prevail. My prayers are with you, accompanied with my suggestions on spicing up your blog entries…LOL. Take care and be safe.

  2. Katrina August 21, 2007 / 6:05 am

    Hi Kev!
    wow that food looks great. The food in Cambodia/Vietnam was a highlight for me and will leave me with great memories for a long time. I can’t stop thinking about it. Back to the squishy, fermented (but healthy!) stuff here in Japan….
    Glad you made it there safe!


  3. kkoski44 August 22, 2007 / 9:58 pm

    OK, OK, I know I am not Ernest Hemingway. Any tips on spicing up my blog entries will be greatly appreciated.

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