A rough start

Well after a week I am disappointed with my (lack of) progress. I could blame it on the cold weather, my map which is not very detailed, the rolling hills, etc. but the truth is: I’m old, I’m fat, I’m out of shape.

It has taken me a week to get where I should be in two days. But I did have some wierd things happen: I pulled a muscle in my back and had to rest up in a hotel for three days, immobile for the pain. Then my brand new chain broke which strained my sore back again.

But I am back on the road again and heading north. Currently in Colonia del Sacramento in southern Uruguay, a quaint little town founded by the Portugese in 1680.

7 thoughts on “A rough start

  1. Nicole August 29, 2007 / 6:25 pm

    Admitting you have a problem (you’re old and out of shape) is the first step. I’m proud that you had such a major epiphany.

    Sorry about your back problems. I don’t suppose they have Ben-Gay or Therma Care Disposible Heating Pads at the local Wal-Mart. Do they even have Wal-Marts in Uruguay? All that crap you talked about Wal-Mart is coming back to haunt you…lol.

    Anyway, take it slow and try to get your hands on some presciption pain killers (and send them to me and Kat…jk).

    Take care, and be safe.
    Love Nik

  2. kkoski44 August 29, 2007 / 9:47 pm

    Boy, I would die for a Wal-mart right now. I tried to find some white gas for my stove– they looked at me like I was loco. Then said I need to go t the gas plant! And that was in a hardware store. Forget about prescription pain killers. I can´t understand a word these people say.

  3. Jim August 29, 2007 / 11:11 pm

    I want to try out this blog thing. I have to say right off the bat that you don’t know what “old” is. I, however, do!

    Always tough the first few days as you well know….seems to be regardless of the miles put in training.

    I want you to think of the “Adventuring Cycling” organization (I am a member you will recall). I am certain that they would be pleased to publish excerps of your trip.

    Take care….Jim

  4. kkoski44 August 31, 2007 / 5:11 pm

    Jim, thanks I will send them an email to see what they may be interested in.

    It is always tough in the beginning, but it seems to get tougher every year. Plus, little things always go wrong. For example, I adjusted my brakes very precisely before I left. However, once I got on my panniers on and was on the road I found out my front brake pad was dragging on the wheel. I road half a day with the darn brakes on! No wonder it felt tough.

  5. Shion September 1, 2007 / 1:04 am

    How’d you manage to keep the brakes on Kev,haha. Too funny! If you don’t find BenGay, you might be luck to find some vicks vaporub,I know, that’s nto for pain, but the heat does wonders 😉

  6. Katrina September 1, 2007 / 1:45 pm

    Hi Kev

    Been thinking about you today….went on yet another trip…but local… up into the mountains, to give Nick Gaulier a break from the urban life. Went up into Nikko, to see some old really temples, gardens and a replica village of the ancient Tokyo –“Edo”. Lots of Shoguns, Samurai, Ninjas….and I think I have surpassed my noodle and rice quota.

    Hang in there. Do you need me to send you anything? A hot water bottle?

    303-223-6258 (please be mindful of the time change–it is a US phone number, but wired to Japan.) We are 13 hours ahead of Eastern time.
    How I long for a wal-mart too….sick but so true

    LOVE YA!!! Katrina

  7. DAD September 13, 2007 / 12:48 am

    Im writing to you from San Jose……got here this afternoon. Your biking trip is a high topic of dissussion here Everyone expects you to stop by here at Alvaos place. They want you to. Alejandros son is into biking. he would love to talk to you about your trip. Alejandro would like to get you in the local paper with a photo. You are welcome to stay here. Dont pass it up. I think I gave you this info before but here it is again 506 222 4781 or 2223310……Alejandros cell is 3821270 His e mail is oarias@racsa.co.cr We can get a map of how to get to this place if you want one. They certainly are expecting you to stop here…Love DAD

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