Adiós Florida!

After 710 miles and more than 2 weeks, I finally left Florida and crossed into Alabama. Not much to write about this time. I was just focused on putting miles behind me. Almost like going to work. Get up at 7:00, have breakfast, pack up my tent and things, start riding around 8:30, ride all day until 6:00 pm, find a place to camp, cook dinner, sleep. Repeat. I thought I would take one day off a week but there hasn’t been that many interesting places I wanted to hang out for a day. I thought about Tallahassee, but the traffic was so bad just approaching the city that I stayed one night and got the hell out.

The only major issue since last post is that I developed a pain in my right knee. It is swollen and very painful. I must have over stressed it while climbing up some hills in northern Florida. I finally had to tape it up and start walking my bike up steep slopes to reduce the strain on it. I am also going slower—40-45 miles/day only until my knee feels better.

Here is my current location.

It’s the start of the growing season. These little corn stalks will be 6 feet tall by September.

I like the way they saved this tree by splitting the road around it rather than chop it down.

Lilly pads.

I am approaching Montgomery, famous for the start of the civil rights movement in the 1960s.


The weather has been excellent. Sunny and dry for 2 weeks. I have been free camping a lot. Just jump off the road and find a clear flat spot. Here is a typical campsite.

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