Problems, Problems

The last couple weeks have been filled with doing research, shopping for boat parts and fixing things. My surveyor left me with a list of 27 items that need to be addressed. Then as I examined the boat I created a list of another 30-40 questions that I had. Little things like, what’s that switch for? To big things like, how do I raise the mainsail? Or, should I buy another anchor? (the answer is yes). Plus I managed to break several things while doing some repairs and maintenance. With no car, my bike is my main mode of transportation. Fortunately there are supermarkets, a Walmart and Home Depot within 3 miles so I am able to shop fairly easily, although I do have to keep an eye on the weather and my panniers only hold so much, so I can’t buy bulky things. But with the internet it’s easy to order stuff and have it sent here.

There’s a joke that goes BOAT is an acronym for Break Out Another Thousand, and it’s true. Between repairs, tools, spare parts and professional help, I’ve easily spent over $1000 since I got here. But I knew that. They say you should budget 20% of the boats sales price to upgrade it after you make the purchase. I budgeted several thousand to get the boat up to where I wanted it.

But after more than two weeks I still have not left the dock. My instructor has been busy with boat shows and other things. Then when we finally booked a day to go out sailing, we did an engine inspection and found a loose water pump belt. As he tightened a bolt, it sheared off and so we were unable to go out. One thing I realized is that you will never be bored on a boat; there are always things to check and clean and fix. It’s a tough environment with the salt water, constant vibration and stresses of banging around in waves.

Things can get a little cramped inside. Here I am working on the engine. Not so much fun but once I get all the little things fixed I can get out and hopefully enjoy some sailing. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Problems, Problems

  1. Ena February 23, 2020 / 6:25 pm

    Very cool Kev… I can totally see you as a boat dude. You will love the carefree lifestyle and all the great people you will meet in the boating community….thinking of sailing to Seattle??? It’s got to be great living on the water in sunny Miami. Miss the south beach and Fountainblue and family trips. Are you retired now? Rodger wants to see your boat….love you. You will have to come stay at the OFFICIAL HART HOUSE.. Seattle’s newest Queen Anne VRBO!!!! It’s so beautiful and cozy.

    • Kevin Koski February 23, 2020 / 7:49 pm

      I will definitely visit Seattle and will anchor by your house. Not sure when though, it’s a long passage around Cape Horn, or through the Panama Canal. Yes, I’m retired until I run out of money. XO.

      • PAULA HART February 24, 2020 / 8:45 pm

        Ahoy Captain Koski!!!
        Wow! What a major life change! Excited & happy for you! Can’t wait til we can chat & I can hear the rest of the story!
        Much love & hugs! Your Zelda

        PS Ena mentioned the new HART HOUSE VRBO – it’s not her & Roger’s place, it’s the Queen Anne Hart family home….I’m remodeling it into an Airbnb. Calling it The Hart House!??

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